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Captain Sassy Pants
06 May 2012 @ 08:23 pm
This post is terribly late in coming, but yeah I have no idea who is still on LJ these days besides Russian spam bots.

Well, I've basically had this blog for about 10 years now...and really haven't updated for, like, 3? 4? No idea. I guess I no longer feel the adolescent urge to write page-long diatribes about how my life sucks because (1) #firstworldproblems (2) life sucks? OH YEAH THAT'S LIFE!!!

I kind of feel funny for closing such a huge chapter in my life, but yeah...despite blogging for over ten years, I'm pretty much over it. This journal is basically a document containing my transition from teenager -> early twenties -> late twenties, but I think I'm totally fine closing that door forever, and probably throwing a flaming match onto the contents as I do so. My desire to censor my internet presence has grown exponentially in the last three years. I think the most frightening thing is seeing how much I've changed and simultaneously stayed the same. As a result, I've locked all prior entries (sorry, with around 2000 entries it was the easiest thing to do in place of deletion) regardless of content.

As an aside, it also kinda frightens me to think about how long this blog will persist after I am long gone. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS OMG.

ANYWAY! DEBBIE DOWNER ALERT! Back to the point; this is a post as a heads up that I've basically moved everything over to Tumblr now. It's more or less a completely disorganized conglomeration of random fandom crap, photos I take with Instagram, and other miscellany, so you know. Pretty much whatever you'd see here, minus TL;DR self-loathing posts, hah. Basically, it's all the stuff I wanted to keep off of Facebook to spare my RL friends the horror of seeing my inner monologue (which admittedly is a terrifying thing sometimes). Gotta maintain the illusion of being somewhat sane, amirite?

LJ Friends, past and present: You all have been great, hilarious sources of commentary, amusement and encouragement...I'm really grateful for the many hours of ridiculousness we've had. I'm sorry we fell out of touch but yeah...I guess such is the nature of the interwebs. Your Tumblr usernames are welcome - I follow like 150 tumblogs and could always use more.

Anyway the important stuffs:

Tumblr of Nerdery

Frighteningly Intense Fandom Art Dump
Captain Sassy Pants
14 July 2030 @ 03:01 pm
Friends Only

Yes, the day that I swore would never come has come...I have decided to go Friends Only. The Power of Google has grown too strong now and I'm no longer comfortable with having strangers reading about my life.

For those of you watching me who aren't on my F-list (I suspect most of you are from mspaint_lolz), you're probably better off reading the comic anyway, since my real life is about as exciting as a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal.

For newcomers: I usually do not add new people unless I've interacted with them before in other venues for a good deal of time. Nothing personal, but I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with my f-list as graduate school takes up most of my time.

I will probably continue posting random crap I find on the internet and non-personal entries publically. All of the very occasional entries concerning the happenings in my life will be locked, as they have been for quite some time now. Thanks for watching!